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Satellite Bureau: Cardigan

Running Stitch - Umeå (2009)

Running Stitch - Yokohama (2008)

Running Stitch - Dundee (2008)

Worm Hole (2008)

Join (2007)

Kite Drawings (2007)

Banff Souvenir Scarf (2007)

Scaling the Mountain (2007)

Cyanotypes (2007)

Running Stitch (Brighton) (2006)

Shroedingers Tracks (2006)

Landlines (2003-2006)

Ebb & Flow: Cardiff (2005)

Time & Tide: Cardigan(2005)

Satellite Bureau: Cardigan (2005)

Satellite Bureau: Regina (2005)

Distance Made Good:
Flow Lines

Distance Made Good:
Field Study

Distance Made Good (2002)








Satellite Bureau Cardigan was a one month residency at the media centre Creative Mwldan. Hamilton & Southern worked with local people to explore how a GPS device can be used to make drawings that describe an aesthetics of movement, conditioned by the shape of local landscape and seascape. This work explores how a line might express both the precision of data but also the poetry and politics of subjective experience of environment.

Participants were invited to make a journey to contribute to the map. Following their walk each participant was asked to describe their walk using their gps line as a cue. These recorded narratives revealed a powerful sense of place seen through diverse personal perspectives. A route to work, collecting lobster pots in the bay, marking sites of historic importance, ocean canoeing, dancing on the beach, a walk for exercise or a meander based on more personal thoughts about family life. In parallel Hamilton & Southern devised ways of tracking motion that is controlled by the wind and the tides.

All participants were invited to take a minibus to attend the May You Live in Interesting Times conference and festival in Cardiff, and to take part in the Ebb & Flow boat trip as a conclusion of the participatory process.The residency was part of May You Live in Interesting Times, Cardiff's inaugural festival of creative technology - a three-day programme of events being held across the capital, 28th to 30th October 2005. The festival was developed between bloc and Chapter art organisations in Cardiff. The residency was hosted by Creative Mwldan Creadigol, Cardiff. The residency programme for the festival is supported and managed by Cywaith Cymru. Artworks Wales, the national organisation for public art in Wales. May You Live in Interesting Times was a Cardiff 2005 event.

See for detailed documentation, project diary and GPS tracks.


Satellite Bureau Diary


Creative Mwldan



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