Curriculum Vitae



Running Stitch - Umeå, Open Source Embroidery, Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden.
Running Stitch - Umeå, Open Source Embroidery, MOCFA, San Francisco, USA.

Running Stitch - Yokohama , Dislocate08, Yokohama , Japan.
Running Stitch - Dundee
, Hannah McClure Centre, University of Abertay, Dundee, UK.
Running Stitch, Digital Drawing Exhibition, Southwell Artspace, UK.
Worm Hole , Pale Blue Dot, Regina Art Gallery, Canada.

Join, Trampoline, Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham, UK
• Walking and Art, The Banff Centre, Canada.

Running Stitch, Fabrica Gallery Brighton, UK.
Distance Made Good
, Off the Map projects. Futuresonic 2006, Manchester, UK.

Ebb and Flow, May You Live in Interesting Times festival, Cardiff, Wales.
Satellite Bureau, Neutral Ground Gallery, Regina, Canada.

Distance Made Good: Flow Lines, Folly Gallery, Lancaster, UK.
Distance Made Good, Futuresonic, URBIS, Manchester, UK.

Distance Made Good: Field Study, Dunlop Art Gallery, Sherwood Village Branch, Regina, Canada.

Distance Made Good, The Gallery, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.



Walking and Art , The Banff Centre, Canada, Sept-Nov.

Convergency Residency, May You Live in Interesting Times New Media Festival, Creative Mwldan, Cardigan Wales, Aug-Sept.
Digital Research Unit.The Media Centre, Huddersfield UK, Jan-Mar.

Grizedale Arts, Cumbria, UK.



ITEM commission supported by FACT, the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, UK NESTA, and the Arts Council of England.


Conference Presentations

DRU Huddersfield. Presentation at Culture Lab, Newcastle.
Pecha Cucha, Fabrica, Brighton.
Imagined Landscapes, Cumbria Institute of the Arts.
Getting to the Point with Simon Pope, Michelle Teran and Pete Gomez, Futuresonic06.
Diffraction Conference, FACT, Liverpool.

Satellite Bureau: Ebb & Flow, May You Live In Interesting Times Conference, Cardiff, Wales.
Landlines, Digital Research Unit, The Media Centre, Huddersfield.
Pylon panel presentation, Transmediale, Berlin, Germany.
Landlines, PLAN, ICA, London, UK.

Distance Made Good: Installations using GPS to chart local topographies. New Forms Festival, Vancouver.
Distance Made Good: Liquid Spaces. CiberartBilbao 04.


Publications and Press

Wendy Peart, Pale Blue Dot, ex. cat. Regina, SK: Art Gallery of Regina, January 2008.

Jack Anderson,At the Galleries: Artists Consider our Effect on Earth, Leader Post Newspaper, Regina, SK., 7 February 2008, B-2.

Kris Cohen, Beside Ourselves Sometimes, PYLON online critical essay,
Annie Gerin, To Walk, catalogue essay Distance Made Good: Flow Lines, Huddersfield University Press, Fall 2006.
Derek Hales, catalogue essay Distance Made Good: Flow Lines, Huddersfield University Press, Fall 2006.
Jen Southern, Unfeasible Symmetry AN Magazine, October 2003.
Emma Posey, Memory Maps, Distance Made Good: Jen Hamilton/Jen Southern New Installations Via GPS. Edited by Annabelle Longbourne. Stratford Upon Avon: The Gallery, catalogue essay, 2003.
John Cornwall, Distance Made Good, AN Magazine September 2002.
David Maddox A tale of two Stratfords, Stratford-upon-Avon Herald, July 11 2002.



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