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Satellite Bureau: Regina

Running Stitch - Umeå (2009)

Running Stitch - Yokohama (2008)

Running Stitch - Dundee (2008)

Worm Hole (2008)

Join (2007)

Kite Drawings (2007)

Banff Souvenir Scarf (2007)

Scaling the Mountain (2007)

Cyanotypes (2007)

Running Stitch (Brighton) (2006)

Shroedingers Tracks (2006)

Landlines (2003-2006)

Ebb & Flow: Cardiff (2005)

Time & Tide: Cardigan(2005)

Satellite Bureau: Cardigan (2005)

Satellite Bureau: Regina (2005)

Distance Made Good:
Flow Lines

Distance Made Good:
Field Study

Distance Made Good (2002)








Satellite Bureau was developed by Hamilton & Southern as a framework for participatory research that takes place in a gallery space or open studio. The audience comes to the bureau throughout the project and participates in walks and events. These walks are recorded with a GPS device and are represented in a variety of media in the space. Feedback from the participants also influence a separate set of journeys and gps traces made by the artists.

Satellite Bureau was operative for ten days in Neutral Ground Artist Run gallery, in Regina, Canada in 2005. We mapped the city from the perspective of local inhabitants. Participants were asked to walk with the following question in mind. What are the boundaries that constitute the differing neighbourhoods, locales, regions, developing areas and degenerating areas, specific to this city? Map it based on the point of view of development and degeneration: where do you think the city is falling apart or coming together?

The residency ended with a closing event for all participants and the public. Within the bureau two blueprint maps were made one of the participant walks, the other of car journeys to all the shopping malls in the city.


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