From Reservoir to Tap
20th June 2010

Distance festival, Stoke Newington International Airport, London.

From Reservoir to Tap is a walking performance. As the aritst carries a small bottle of water 10 miles from King Georges reservoir her walk will be broadcast to the Distance exhibition. Participants could download the iphone app ‘comob net’ and join me at a distance to share the journey that drinking water takes from reservoir to tap. This walk is part of an ongoing exploration of comobility, the social and spatial relationships between people in motion.

At the end of the walk the story of the journey was retold through a projection of the data, and a re-drawing of the route and the connections.



performance still

Information for participants

Download the free iphone app ‘comob net’ from the app store. Select ‘settings’, then enter a username and the group name ‘W2W’.

Turn ‘show names’ on, ‘proximity sensor’ off, choose how to see the visualisation (‘satellite’ is recommended), and select ‘all’ which will draw connections between your location and every other participant. Return to ‘map view’. You should now see everyone who is viewing the walk from a distance and Jen with her name displayed as ‘JenWalking’.

By participating in this work your username and location will be viewed by other participants.

Please note that we are still working on an OS4 version. If you have upgraded your OS the application will still work but you will have to double click the screen to zoom in and ‘Zoom to Group’ will allow you to zoom out.

Follow ‘walking_to_work’ to read Jen’s messages or use #JenWalking before your messasge to join the discussion.