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Re-Drawing Boundaries. Leonardo Electronic Almanac.
Hold On. (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India.

Analogue is the new Digital (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), AND festival, Manchester, UK
Wakefest (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), Wakefield, Quebec, Canada.
Walking to Work ,Peter Scott Gallery / The Experimental Society, Lancaster University, UK
From Reservoir to Tap, DISTANCE,Stoke Newington International Airport, London, UK.
Save Us, Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield, UK.
COMOB (Jen Southern & Chris Speed), Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts, UK.
Designing Environments for Life (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand,) Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts, UK.

RUNNING STITCH (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), Open Source Embroidery, MOCFA, SanFrancisco, USA
COMOB, (Jen Southern & Chris Speed) ISEA09, Manchester, UK
RUNNING STITCH (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), Open Source Embroidery, BildMuseet, Umea, Sweden
COMOB, (Jen Southern & Chris Speed) Futuresonic, Manchester, UK

DISLOCATE 08 (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), Yokohama, Japan.
SIGNALS IN THE CITY (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), Hannah McClure Gallery, University of Abertay, Dundee.
DIGITAL DRAWING (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), Southwell Artspace, Southwell, UK
PALE BLUE DOT (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), Art Gallery of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

WALKING and ART (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), open studio, the Banff Centre, Canada
SURVEILLANCE CITY (Hamilton, Southern & St Amand), Trampoline, The Broadway, Nottingham.

RUNNING STITCH (Hamilton & Southern), Fabrica, Brighton.
DISTANCE MADE GOOD (Hamilton & Southern), Futuresonic, Manchester.

SATELLITE BUREAU: Ebb & Flow Boat Trip (Hamilton & Southern), May You Live In Interesting Times, Cardiff, Wales.
SATELLITE BUREAU: Ebb & Flow (Hamilton & Southern), Creative Mwldan Creadigiol, Cardigan, Wales.
SATELLITE BUREAU (Hamilton & Southern), Neutral Ground Gallery, Regina,Canada.

DISTANCE MADE GOOD: FLOW LINES (Hamilton & Southern), Folly Gallery,Lancaster.
SURFACE PATTERNS: AUDIO TOURS, The Media Centre,Huddersfield.
AREA(CODE) (collaboration with Blink), Futuresonic, URBIS, Manchester.
DISTANCE MADE GOOD (Hamilton & Southern), Futuresonic, URBIS, Manchester.

INTERSCULPT 03, The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.
WEAR ME, Eurowearables conference, Birmingham University.
FLIGHT PLAN (, Artranspennine.
DISTANCE MADE GOOD: FIELD STUDY (Hamilton & Southern), Dunlop Gallery,Sherwood Village, Regina, Canada.
WEAR ME (Wearable Computing Exhibition), Magna, Rotherham.

DISTANCE MADE GOOD (Hamilton & Southern),The Gallery, Stratford-upon-Avon.
ROAM & VIDEO ARCADIA, The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK.
GREYLANDS (KIT), Arte Alameda, Mexico City, MX.
GREYLANDS (KIT), Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, MX.
RE:MOTE, The Photographers Gallery, London, UK
URBAN CYCLES, Library Walk, Manchester, (Digital Summer Festival)

ROAM, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, MX
THE BUILDERS ARMS, The International 3, Manchester, UK.
CFRONT 01, Communication Front Exhibition.Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
PIXEL, Chapman Gallery, Salford, UK

RYHOPE WALK, Salford Museum and Art Gallery, UK
JOYRIDING IN THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT (KIT), The Physics Room, Christchurch, New Zealand.
MAN MOMA, The International 3, Manchester, UK.
AUTOPARTS, (Curator), The IDEA Centre, 10 Irwell Street, Salford.
URBAN CYCLES, The Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria.
GREYLANDS, Experimenta, Melbourne, Australia.

GREYLANDS, (KIT) Artengine Gallery, LeBreton Flats, Ottawa, Canada.
DEAF, (KIT) Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

PODUNK, (KIT in collaboration with Blink), Digital Summer, Albert Square,Manchester, UK
RE*ACTION HERO, (KIT) Bothy Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK
NEW ART FROM BRITAIN, (KIT) Kunstraum Innsbruck, Austria
HYPERTRIBES, (KIT) Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival, Sheffield, UK

RE*ACTION HERO, (KIT) Galerie Sequence, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada
OVERNIGHT DELIVERY KIT, (KIT) Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, Lancashire, U.K.
36 HOURS IN A MYSTERY CHAIR, (KIT) Idea, 153 Oxford Road, Manchester.

PASSPORT SIZED INTERFERENCE, (KIT) The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, [Manchester Festival] /Ottawa Airport/Galley 101
CONNECTION KIT, (KIT) The New Gallery, Calgary, Canada.
F-USER, (KIT) Gallery Observatoire 4 and Casino Royale(Video Arcade)Montreal.


Conferences and Presentations

Southern, J,. (2010), Playing hide and seek with locative technology, Sociology Summer conference, Lancaster University. (29th June)

Southern, J and Speed, C. (2010). Rain on the screen: situating GPS in hiking, fieldwork and art practice. Practicing Science and Technology, performing the social, EASST conference, 2-4 September, Trento.

Mapping Data, Performing Landscape, HUMlab Umea Univeristy, Umea, Sweden.
Watch this space: From collective to collaborative mapping in Locative Media, IEEE e-Science conference, Oxford, UK
Running Stitch, AHRA Field/work conference, Edinburgh, UK.
Bus talks, AND festival, Folly, UK.
Southern, J., (2009). Lines of Flight, Placemaking in Motion. International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Belfast.
Lines of Flight, Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University, UK.

Lancashire Artists Network, Kendal, UK
We Love Technology, BASE, Huddersfield, UK.
PLAY, Salford University, UK
Signals in the City Colloquium, University of Abertay, Dundee, UK

Uncharted Territories, British Library, London, UK
PYLON website launch, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK

DRU Huddersfield, Presentation at Culture Lab, Newcastle
Pecha Cucha, Fabrica, Brighton
Imagined Landscapes, Cumbria Institute of the Arts.
Getting to the point with Simon Pope, Michelle Teran and Pete Gomez, Futuresonic06
Diffraction Conference, FACT, Liverpool

Satellite Bureau: Ebb & Flow, May You Live In Interesting Times Conference, Cardiff, Wales.
Landlines, with Jen Hamilton, Digital Research Unit, The Media Centre, Huddersfield.
Pylon panel presentation, Transmediale, Berlin, Germany
Landlines, PLAN, ICA, London, UK

Distance Made Good: Installations using GPS to chart local topographies.
With Jen Hamilton. New Forms Festival, Vancouver.
Distance Made Good: Liquid Spaces. With Jen Hamilton. CyberartBilbao 04

Female Presence in the Game Environment, Seminar panel, Cornerhouse,Manchester, 22 May 2003.
Practice-based Research and Research Commissions of the Digital Research
Unit [DRU], Huddersfield. Seminar Panel, CADE, Hull, 23 April 03

Can you put Quake through a hot wash?, Evolution Conference, Leeds.

Web Streaming Projects at IDEA, Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival, Sheffield.

Collaboration and Audience Participation, Communication Front, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Video Arcadia: The Landscape of Video Games, Sculpture and the Garden, Art Transpennine, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK.


Selected Publications and Press

McHardy, J., Wolf Olsen, J., Southern, J., and Shove, E.,( 2010),' Makeshift users'. Design Research: Synergies from interdisciplinary perspectives, eds Simonsen, J., Ole Baerenholdt, J., Büscher, M., and Damm Scheuer, J. Abingdon: Routledge.

Speed, C., and Southern, J. (2010) 'Handscapes – Reflecting upon the Use of Locative Media to Explore Landscapes'. Peer Reviewed Proceedings of Digital Landscape Architecture 2010 at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Eds. Buhmann/Pietsch/Kretzler. Berlin: Wichmann.

Lowry, C. Southern, J. and Speed, C. (2009) 'Modelling the Social in Locative Media: Collaborative GPS', Second Nature: International journal of creative media, [online]. Available at: <> [Accessed 19 August 2010].

Southern, J and Speed, C. (2000) 'Watch this Space: From Collective to Collaborative uses of Locative Media'. In e-science 2009, Fifth IEEE International Conference on e-Science. Oxford, 9-11 December, Los Alamitos: IEEE Computer Society.

Pale Blue Dot, Exhibitino Catalogue, Wendy Peart, Art Gallery of Regina, CA, Jan 2008
At the Galleries: Artists consider our effect on earth, Jack Anderson, Leader Pot Newspaper, Regina, CA

BESIDE OURSELVES SOMETIMES, Kris Cohen, PYLON online critical essay,

DISTANCE MADE GOOD: FLOW LINES Catalogue with texts by Derek Hales and Annie Gerand.

REMOTE: ESSAYS ON CREATIVITY, Technology & Remoteness. Ed by Emma Posey. ISBN 0-9544935-0-8 2
UNFEASIBLE SYMMETRY, Jen Southern, AN Magazine, October 2003.
RICHARD & JUDY SHOW, Cactus TV, Channel 4, 19 Sept.
DISTANCE MADE GOOD, Catalogue with Essay by Emma Posey. ISBN. 0-9541184-2-1
URBAN CYCLES, with essays by Andrea Zapp, Kathy Rae Huffman & Iliyana Nedkova. ISBN 0-9542058-2-0
DIRECTIONS IN ART: DIGITAL MEDIA, Beryl Graham, Heinemann. ISBN 0-431-17646-9

INTER-PLACE, Jen Southern, Communication Front 2000 /international projectof electronic and media art and culture/ Crossing Points East-West Curators: Dimitrina Sevova, Emil Miraztchiev ISBN 954-90880-1-4
DISTANCE MADE GOOD, John Cornwall, AN Magazine, September 2002.
GREYLANDS CATALOGUE, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City.
PLANNING THE PERIPHERY, Sara Nadal & Carles Puig. ISBN 84-252-181-7

LIFE IS GOOD IN MANCHESTER: The Annual Program 1995-2000, Ed. Simon Grennan, ISBN: 0953191958

IMAGE/DURATION : installations of the moving image. Published by Gallery 101. ISBN: 1-896183-07-7


Industry Collaborations
2004 – 2007 Landlines
Collaboration with Onteca Ltd, Liverpool to make multiuser drawing tools for mobile phone and gps.
2004: ITEM commission supported by FACT, the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, UK NESTA, and the Arts Council of England.
2004: Sagasnet Interactive Narratives Workshop, Oulu, Finland.
2005: Sagasnet Interactive Narratives: Juried workshop, Stuttgart, Germany.
2007: BBC Innovations Lab, Masham, North Yorkshire.

The Banff Centre, Walking and Art Residency.
Convergency Residency, May You Live in Interesting Times New Media Festival, Creative Mwldan, Cardigan Wales, Aug-Sept.
Digital Research Unit.The Media Centre, Huddersfield UK, Jan-Mar.
Grizedale Arts, Cumbria, UK.

2008 AHRC Doctoral Scholarship to study at Lancaster University for 3 years.
2005 Arts Council England, Yorkshire, Grants for Artists.
2005 “May You Live in Interesting Times” Commision, Cardigan, Wales.
2004 ITEM commission from FACT, supported by Arts Council England and NESTA.
2004 Grizedale Arts Residency.
2003 Regional Arts Lottery Program award with Pylon to work with a project development manager.
2002 Research Grant to investigate the potential for artists to work with videogames companies. North West Arts Board.
2001 Yorkshire Arts Board Research and Development Grant.
2001 Urban Cycles nominated for ZKM international media award.
2000 The Greater North' Curatorial visit to Manifesta 3 in Llubliana
A4E Family Friendly Award from Arts About Manchester.
1998 Nominated for an Arts Foundation Fellowship
North West Arts Board, Grant for production of work using new technology
1997 British Council Travelling Artists Grant
Arts Council A4E Express Grant
Commonwealth Scholarship

2008-current PhD, Centre for Mobilities Research, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University.
1993 - 1996 MFA, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
1987 - 1991 First Class BA(Hons)Fine Art, University of Reading, UK.

Training and Lecturing
2000 - 2008
Senior Lecturer in Installation Art & Multimedia and Virtual Reality Design, Department of Creative Technologies, School of Art & Design, University of Huddersfield, UK.

Joint Course Leader, BA(hons) Multimedia and Virtual Reality Design (as above).
Geo applications workshop, G8way, Blink, Fenland, July 2003.
Geo applications workshop, Folly Gallery, Lancaster, July 2003.
Geo Games Workshop, Wireless Space Worshops, Architecture Week, Huddersfield. June 03
Lecturer, Video game History & Analysis, BSc Video & computer games design, Salford University
Visiting Artist, MA Creative Technologies, John Moores University, Liverpool
2000- 01
Visiting Artist, Sculpture Department, Sheffield Hallam University.
Visiting Artist & consultant, Trading Places site specific web project, Multimedia for women in Cultural Industries, Womens Electronic Village Hall, Manchester.
Part Time Lecturer in Interaction Design, BA/BSC Multimedia, Huddersfield University, UK.
Visiting Artist, MA Creative Technology, Salford University.
IDEA (Innovation in Digital and Electronic Arts), Grosvenor Building, Cavendish Street, Manchester, UK

'99-'00 Digital Arts Co-ordinater at IDEA. Responsibilities include devising, negotiating and delivering a Digital Arts Forum , an International exchange and residency program, professional development for Artist Associates, Exhibitions and future arts policy.
2000 Co-ordinator for digital arts workshop at Communication Front Conference, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
1996-99 Freelance Project Manager responsible for design and delivery of Modular Multimedia Training Courses and Digital Apprenticeship Scheme for IDEA, Manchester.
1999 Freelance lecturing in Digital arts at IDEA DADI projects, Manchester, UK
1999 Co-authored on-line Advanced HTML course for GO at IDEA.
HTML and Dreamweaver trainer for digital arts project at Communication Front Conference, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Manchester Metropolitan University, Grosvenor Building, All Saints, Manchester M15 3BR, UK.

1998 Visiting Artist, BA Interactive Arts.
1997 -8 Part time Lecturer, BA Interactive Arts.
1997 Research Fellow in Multimedia Events, BA Interactive Arts.

Professional Affiliations
Member of Pylon, Pylon is an pilot project to support the development and dissemination of work by three new media installation artists.
Member of BASE digital arts collective, Huddersfield.


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