Jen Southern
MOVE exhibition, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster

Kathy Hinde
Hannah Catherine Jones
Simone Kenyon
Jen Southern
Louise Ann Wilson

Move presents five artists whose work connects with travel, finding our way and routes through places and history.

Review by Emily Trowell for Cemore

I presented two works at the MOVE exhibition, Unstable Landscapes and Unruly Pitch. Both works were re-made for the exhibition, with their components taking on new relationships to each other. The exhibition co-incided with the initial date set for the UK exit from the EU, 29th March 2019. The juxtaposition of these two works made in England and Slovenia, combined deep local and historical roots with fleeting movements both unruly and unstable. Although neither work is a comment on Brexit, the presentation of them together reflected a sense of fixity and instability co-existing in their mobilities.

Unstable Landscapes was the outcome of a short residency with BridA in Sempas, Slovenia, in May 2017. The work builds on a practice of tracking and tracing of movement, and a translation of those movements into visual works and develops my interest in the co-production of relational landscapes, through the activities that take place in them. By sharing the activity of filming the work became a portrait of Sempas made by the actions of local people, animals, wind currents, field and footpath networks and ponds.

Unstable Landscapes was commissioned by:
RoR program run by BridA
Mestna Ocina Nova Gorica
Krajevna skupnost Sempas

Unruly Pitch is a collaboration with Anais Moisy, Chris Barker and Chris Speed, and was the outcome of a residency at the Uppies and Downies football game in Workington, West Cumbria. Commissioned by the National Football Museum in 2015.

With thanks to the Peter Scott Gallery, and LICA technical team for installation and construction.


Unruly Pitch


Unstable Landscapes