KIT HOMES was contracted by Epilogue in response to the imminent demolition of the Saints Peter and Paul High School in Widnes.

The school was originally constructed in 1952 with the local community paying a small contribution from their wage packets each week to buy the bricks. Given that the schools main intake was from the neighbouring council estate, from families who had helped pay for the school to be built, it made the invasive constructions of three bedroom houses with front gardens a contentious issue. The fact that the land on which the school was built was owned by three different operating interests further elevated the issues of ownership and territory and subsequent tensions which were created by the attempts to control the space.

The project was initiated by asking the community to make plans of what they considered to be ideal living spaces. This request for ideal living spaces was also placed on the web at the same time. Plans from the community and from the web were then taken and drawn onto the football pitches which surrounded the school with a pitch line marker.
Aerial photographs were taken of the site and then located in an office installed within the school.

Following the Kit Homes project Borderline Developments made a major investment in new technologies funding the developments of unique web driven robot.