From October 1st - October 15th 1999 Borderline Developments installed a portable office, billboards and a GPS
(Global Positioning System) controlled robot on the contaminated Lebreton Flats site, in Ottawa, Canada.

This was one of two sites of the project; the other being a web site from which potential customers could view the
availlable lots for sale and the associated historical and toxic information for each lot.

A web-based drawing pad allowed customers to design their own ideal homes for a contaminated environment.

The robot then drew the completed designs with field chalk, plotted via the Web site to the GPS,
onto the Lebreton Flats in Ottawa.

The 'Images' pages in this section allow access to photographic documentation of this process

The 'Lot Information' pages in this section allow access to the preliminary stages of the drawing program and
selected plans from

The 'Historical Residue' pages allow access to comprehensive images and maps tracing
the history and toxicity of the site.