Flight Plan

Art Transpennine 2003

150 years after Sir George Cayley’s histroic manned flight in Yorkshire Jen Southern will be making a flight as the pilot of a Cessna 150. Using a GPS device to track her route she will make a drawing of a plane from a flight simulation. This work is one of many journeys made by the artist which play games with definitions of virtual and real. This work is part of a research project funded by Arts Council of England, Yorkshire in which Jen is simultaneously learning to fly a light aircraft and a flight simulation game.
The performance may be seen briefly from the ground under the flight path between 2 pm and 3.30pm , or on take off and landing at the airfield.
The flight was successful, despite having to fly from sunny skies into a rain cloud. This was my first navigation excersize.

Image:The Flight Path
Image:The Flight Path and Map

Flying from: Sherburn Aero Club, The Aerodrome, Lennerton Lane, Sherburn in Elmet, Nr Leeds, LS25 6JE, UK.
Flying over: an area bounded by the M62, M18 and A1 roads.
date: June 10th, 2pm ***time change***
Weather Update: Weather is fine, flight will go ahead at 2pmish although it is never 100% definate until we are in the air (11.40am/10/06/03)