Communication Front Interface

Communication Front, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

An interface to fifteen artists web projects produced during Cfront00. The interface reflects the collaborative nature of the workshops and the effort that went into discussion and translation. Using the sketches people made to communicate their projects to each other, or to communicate while collaborating, the interface accesses different projects depending on the combination of icons clicked. Instead of conforming to useability conventions this interface attempted to reflect the conditions of its production as a conceptual project.

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Information about Communication Front:
Crossing points: East - West, as viewed in the context of the New Media-Art Balkan Generation, 2000.

The Art Today Foundation presents for the second time THE COMMUNICATION FRONT'2000 /electronic and media art/ at the Centre for Contemporary Art in the Ancient Bath, Plovdiv. Duration: from June 1. to June 20
The Project comprises:
from June 1. to June 14 a theoretical seminar; a workshop, centered around common web-based production; from June 1 to June 20 an exhibition section - installations (interactiv, video, net, sound)
The theoretical seminar and the workshop are meant to be practically and conceptually interrelated with the exhibition section of the Project. The Project will additionally include formal presentations delivered before audience by the invited participants, as well as meetings and discussions with the local media-art community.
A group of 23-25 media artists, theoreticians, curators, and activists from the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Finland, Serbia, Croatia, Canada, Greece, USA, Turkey, New Zealand, and Bulgaria, who have all voiced in their creative work a commitment to the development of media and visual culture in South-Eastern Europe, will be invited to work side by side on their individual projects. The participants will be encouraged to hypothesize on the possibilities of a common project aimed at provoking our desire for dialogue and mutual recognition, thus appealing for a tolerant overcoming of the boundaries imposed by our cultural and political differences.