Urban Cycles
National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

Urban Cycles web site with Real Video of UC.BG

Digital Assets article about Urban Cycles - AN Magazine December 2000

The premise for Urban Cycles, and key to Galina Dimitrova's curatorial vision, was to provide 10 artists with a common platform for the creation and exhibition of new, publically sited works. The interactive multiple-screen video installation allowed each artist a one day screening in both Sofia, Bulgaria and Manchester, England.

People walking through 'Beneath the marble' triggered images of shoppers in a mall, making a visual link between the public spaces of Manchester and Sofia. The work alluded to the shopping mall that had opened in the basement of the National Palace of Culture and suggested closer links between commerce and culture than are at first apparent.

Urban Cycles catalogue is distributed by Cornerhouse Publications
Urban Cycles was nominated for a ZKM media award in 2001